Tuesday, July 7, 2009


With Michael Jackson's funeral and memorial today, I wanted to say a little about him. I was sad when he died, sad for a life lost too soon, sad for his children, sad for the loss of talent. He was very representative of our generation, being born the same year as me. My husband even shares the exact birthdate with him.
Last night when my husband were talking before going to bed, he commented that his time was shorter on this earth, saying at least he outlasted Michael and Billy Mays. After I slugged him, I got thinking about it, and I guess what he was trying to say was he was facing his mortality. This morning I have been doing that. None of us know when we will go, so make the most of life NOW. I know Michael had a lot of controversy in life, but I choose to remember the good stuff, songs like Rock with You, I'll Be There, Billy Jean and of course Thriller. I remember crowding around our TV with my young children, anxiously waiting for the premiere of the video to "Thriller" We wore out a cassette tape of that album. And who could forget "We Are The World", when it premiered that morning on the radio, and you realized as you listened, that all around the world, everyone else was listening! So, to the gloved one, I tip my hat! Goodbye Michael.

Billy Mays had only entered our lives in the last few years, but he was quite a character! I even watched him on "Pitchmen" one night and was awed by his ability to sell anything! He had a way with people and 50 was too young to die!
So I end with a thought for you today, "Remember Yesterday, Cherish Tomorrow, but Live for Today". Make today the best day yet!

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