Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Gene!

Today my blog is dedicated to my dear husband, Eugene. It is his 49th birthday! Happy Birthday hun! Here is a picture of him doing what he loves, driving his boat! (That is when he's not driving his 4-wheeler or hunting!)

Anyways I am very thankful to have him here. This has been a rough year for Gene. A year ago (September 17) he started passing out and stopping breathing! It looked like Anaphaletic (sp?) shock, but the paramedics thought I was nuts. Anyways it continued to happen every month or so clear through the winter! I thought I was losing my husband, and I was scared to death! After several doctors, thousands of dollars in tests, hundreds of tests and watching the doctors scratch their heads, we finally found someone who could tell us what was wrong! He has developed a rare condition called Chronic Cold Urticaria, or an allergy to the cold! Not cold weather necessarily, but cold air or cold water! He is now on allergy medicine and we have not had an event for 6 months! And guess what, they told us that it is anaphaletic shock he is going into, so now we have an Eppy pen just in case! The good news through all of this, is that his heart is in great shape, he has no neurological problems, and we have seen every inch of the inside of his body! :)

So Happy Birthday today and let's hope we are on top of this for good! By the way did you know that Gene is 4 million some odd seconds younger than me? He has it all worked out, and loves to tell people. Actually it works out to 4 1/2 months! I am an older woman! But I keep telling him he may be younger but I look better! :)

I love you Hun!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Can you believe.......

how long it has been since I posted? I really didn't disappear! Just had a million things to do and not enough time to do it! We had a family reunion to put on for 250 family members, my uncle died, then there was school shopping and canning my garden produce! And let's see, also 5 birthdays in the family, and registering for high school for Chelsea! My baby turned 15 in July and she is now officially a sophomore at Rigby High School! I am having a hard time adapting to this idea! In 3 years she will be in college! At least she is choosing a close school, Idaho State University! She has already decided to be a pharmacist! This girl is really a take charge, I have definite ideas, kind of person! I don't tell her often enough, but I really admire her! A very strong personality! Anyway I was watching TV the other day and saw a new Best Buy commercial where the parents pulled their RV down to their daughter's college, so they could be close to her! That started the wheels rolling! You know we could do that on the weekends at least! When I mentioned it to Chelsea, she just rolled her eyes! I know Chelsea, I am a dorky mom!

So go and make it a great day!