Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am not that old!

Yesterday my youngest daughter, Chelsea, got her drivers license! If you live in eastern Idaho, I guess that is a warning!

I have this list I keep in my mind, one where I check off the last time I do things. You know, the last diaper I will ever have to change, the last kid to get ready for kindergarten, the last pinewood derby car I will ever have to make, so on and so on! Chelsea has been involved with most of those lasts. So now, just 2 months short of her 16th birthday, she can drive without her dad and I in the car. Another checkmark!

She was so cute yesterday. She asked me on the way home when she could get her own set of car keys! I looked at her for a moment and then said "When you get your own car sweetie!" She was actually surprised!

The next checkmark comes when my baby turns 16 in July! Slow down, I can't write that fast!

Cherish your family today, okay?


What A Month!

Whew! I finally got feeling better and decided that I needed to fix some things, on me, that is! So got a few tune-ups!

First, I got my eyes checked and got new contacts and glasses. It is great to be able to see again.

Then I went to the doctor for a physical. Everything okay.

Then one morning I looked in the mirror and said, "you look 50 years old!" Now I am, of course, but everything looked it, my skin, my eyes, and especially my hair. I had really let myself go!

So, I went to the JC Penney salon and asked for a do over! They gave me to Jody, a wonderful young gal ( and I enphasize young, I have shoes that are older!) and she took care of me! I cut 8 inches off my hair, had her color it, then cut it in layers and help me learn how to straighten it. I love it! Now for those of you that have straight hair, I am sure you can't appreciate this, but for someone who has always battled curls, having straight hair is wonderful! So anyways, look at the picture on the side of this page, that is the before, then scroll down ---

and -------------

Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think?

I feel at least 10 years younger and bouncier! My husband loves long hair and I wasn't sure how he would take it. The last time I cut my hair short at all was when I was 19 and ever since it has been well past my shoulders and often to my waist. He didn't say anything for a few days, but then one night we were repairing his boat cover and I looked up to him staring at me. He said that he liked my hair, that it made me look bouncier and younger! That made my night!
So be watching, cuz you never know what might change next!
Try something new today!