Monday, December 31, 2007

Well hello! After a bit of break I am back! I am sorry for the silence, but I had 2 bouts with a serious cold that finally turned into pnuemonia! Christmas was especially tough since I was so sick! We kind of scaled back on the celebration and I had to promise my family that my homemade candy will happen as soon as I am back 100%. I actually went to the store today and didn't lose my breath just walking through the store!

Now I have to tell you about my grandkids! They came for our family Christmas party on Sunday night, the 23rd! Every year I give them all pajamas. Well this year their mom's got their jammies on them and I got to take their picture! Here it is! It was quite a trick to get them all in the picture, and in the end Jesson still didn't look at the camera, but he is still a doll! Anyways, here they are:
(L to R) Maddie (9 mos), Conner (5), Jesson (22 months), Sydney (7), Sarah (5) and Bailey (3)!
Maddie and Jesson are sis/bro, Conner and Bailey are bro/sis, and Sydney and Sarah are sisters! Aren't they adorable?

I was truly blessed this year! Not only did I get to buy a new computer, I got a Singer Futura embroidery machine and the Cricut software so I can hook it up to my computer! Since I am finally starting to feel better, I plan on keeping the next few weeks busy working with my toys! I will show you pics as I learn how to use them!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2007 is full of memories and 2008 is full of possibilities!

Have a great New Year!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New Computer!

And it is 7.7 lbs of screaming speed! I got the HP Pavilion dv 9640 laptop, and the only thing it doesn't do is make dinner! Here is a picture of it tonight, after I got done loading all my software on it and getting it set up! It has a 17 inch widescreen!

The best part though, is the keyboard! It has a 10 key built in, just like a regular keyboard! This will be so nice when I am doing taxes this year! No more plugging an external 10 key in. And did I mention the 17 inch screen! I am almost excited for tax season to begin!

I went and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and put it on the computer too! I am bound and determined to learn to do digital layouts! So wish me luck! I am still learning where everything is on this thing!

So go create an adventure today!


P.S. Chelsea, you aren't supposed to know about this, so mum's the word okay?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So I have this daughter.......

......and her name is Chelsea. Today I read her last blog and she said that she going to have a contest with me to try and get more blog entries than I have! Good luck, sweetie!

I have to tell you about Chelsea. She was born when I was 34. My other kids were all born in my early 20's. And actually she was planned, 11 years after her brother Kendall! Here she is, on the front row, right. She has kept this family on it's toes since the day she was born! She is very full of life and sometimes a few other things (that I would like to beat out of her) but life with her is never boring! She keeps her dad and I young at heart.

So Chelsea, game on! If you would like to read a truly unique (black and pink) blog and get a teenager's perspective, slip on over to My space on the floor. You might remember what it was like to be a teen!