Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New Computer!

And it is 7.7 lbs of screaming speed! I got the HP Pavilion dv 9640 laptop, and the only thing it doesn't do is make dinner! Here is a picture of it tonight, after I got done loading all my software on it and getting it set up! It has a 17 inch widescreen!

The best part though, is the keyboard! It has a 10 key built in, just like a regular keyboard! This will be so nice when I am doing taxes this year! No more plugging an external 10 key in. And did I mention the 17 inch screen! I am almost excited for tax season to begin!

I went and bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and put it on the computer too! I am bound and determined to learn to do digital layouts! So wish me luck! I am still learning where everything is on this thing!

So go create an adventure today!


P.S. Chelsea, you aren't supposed to know about this, so mum's the word okay?

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Hmmm. maybe a compromise is in store??? Quit posting for ohhhh.... a month, and mums the word! bahahahaha