Saturday, December 8, 2007

So I have this daughter.......

......and her name is Chelsea. Today I read her last blog and she said that she going to have a contest with me to try and get more blog entries than I have! Good luck, sweetie!

I have to tell you about Chelsea. She was born when I was 34. My other kids were all born in my early 20's. And actually she was planned, 11 years after her brother Kendall! Here she is, on the front row, right. She has kept this family on it's toes since the day she was born! She is very full of life and sometimes a few other things (that I would like to beat out of her) but life with her is never boring! She keeps her dad and I young at heart.

So Chelsea, game on! If you would like to read a truly unique (black and pink) blog and get a teenager's perspective, slip on over to My space on the floor. You might remember what it was like to be a teen!

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