Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love Sunshine!

Today is gorgeous! Hot, but gorgeous! After all the rain, I appreciate the sunshine!


Monday, June 15, 2009


I didn't have a cutsy title today! Just a lot of little things to post. We spent the entire weekend hanging siding in between rain storms. It went really good until yesterday. After church, we came home and it rained. No, correction. Poured! and hailed! rained more! hailed more! My flowers and garden are in shreds. We got over 3/4 of an inch! For Pete's sake! We have over 3 1/2 inches for June so far! June! 14 days! Enough already!

Anyways, Jeremy finished the back of the family room! We are so greatful! Don't know what we would do without him!

I will try and get more sleep tonight and be back to my perky, quirky self tomorrow!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a productive couple of days, even dodging the rain! Our house has been in the process of being sided for 2 years. One son started, then had to bail because of personal problems. Another son and son in law promised help, but after asking over and over again for the past year, Gene and I started on it in April. We haven't gotten far, about 1/8 of the back of the house. But yesterday we started in earnest, and got the entire back our house where the deck is, done. At least the first 9 feet. The rest our son Jeremy is coming to help us with tomorrow, in between rain storms! This is the hardest part, and we two old people don't have good enough balance to attempt it anymore! Twenty years ago, Gene and I would have tackled this, no problem, but now it is overwhelming. Add to that that all of a sudden we have the plague in our family and no one wants to help us, because they don't need help. They have short memories, don't they. Oh well.

Tomorrow, another goal met!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Want to build an Ark?

These beauties are to replace the pumpkin plants that I grew in my house for six weeks, then planted outside, only to have 3 different hail storms kill them! Hopefully Grandpa will have pumpkins in his patch this year!

I am so tired of rain! We built this deck 2 weeks ago, and so far we have gotten to sit and enjoy twice!

Every morning there is rain beaded up on the railing! We installed a Rain meter on Saturday and so far we have collected over 1 1/2 inches of rain. Another 1/4 inch last night!

Yesterday, my grandkids, Conner and Bailey, visited me at the office, so I took their picture! Conner has lost 3 teeth in the last month or so, and I told him to smile big so I could see the holes! He is so cute! He just graduated from kindergarten! And Bailey is always the little lady!

Well if this water keeps up, we will need to meet to start the plans for the Ark! I know that we have fasted for water for our needs, but I think we have sufficient for our needs now!
Stay dry if you can!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Okay, so I have absent again! I decided that my problem is that I am not scrapping so much right now and figured I had to be scrapbooking. So officially today, my page becomes about my life. Warts and all. The truth, I have been working on getting back to basics, which means, I am baking bread, making homemade meals and growing a garden. I have a room full of thousands of dollars of crafting materials, so my goal is to use them, not buy new unless absolutely necessary. Like alot of you, I am learning to recycle, reuse and repurpose. I have wasted alot of money and now want to change that. So the focus of this page is going to be whatever I am doing at the moment. Hopefully it is something we can share and enjoy!

On a different note, ENOUGH RAIN ALREADY! I am so sick of the rain! We built a new deck a couple of weeks ago and we put a rain meter on it. In the past 4 days we have received 1 1/4 inches! I have mushrooms growing and the hail has destroyed my pumpkin plants, which I spent 6 weeks growing! UGH! At least the is shining for awhile today! Maybe we'll get the grass mowed, or else I need to find a goat!

May your smile shine like the sun today!