Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Want to build an Ark?

These beauties are to replace the pumpkin plants that I grew in my house for six weeks, then planted outside, only to have 3 different hail storms kill them! Hopefully Grandpa will have pumpkins in his patch this year!

I am so tired of rain! We built this deck 2 weeks ago, and so far we have gotten to sit and enjoy twice!

Every morning there is rain beaded up on the railing! We installed a Rain meter on Saturday and so far we have collected over 1 1/2 inches of rain. Another 1/4 inch last night!

Yesterday, my grandkids, Conner and Bailey, visited me at the office, so I took their picture! Conner has lost 3 teeth in the last month or so, and I told him to smile big so I could see the holes! He is so cute! He just graduated from kindergarten! And Bailey is always the little lady!

Well if this water keeps up, we will need to meet to start the plans for the Ark! I know that we have fasted for water for our needs, but I think we have sufficient for our needs now!
Stay dry if you can!

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