Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of the month!

So I don't really have anything to say of much importance, but it is the last day of the month and I am trying to post everyday. So I thought I give a shameless plug to National Geographic. If you go to their website (I have a link on the side), you can download wonderful pics, like these! I download some each month and my grandchildren love to get on the computer and look at them.
The pictures run the gammit from nature, to animals, to amoebas! They are all there and some of the most fantastic pictures you ever saw!

Someday I aspire to take something spectacular enough that they want to publish it! That is like a dream of mine! Do you have dreams and goals! I would like to hear about them.
Go and find your dream today!

Movie night!

Okay, so Gene, Chelsea and I went to see Harry Potter. What did you think? I think it is not a movie for anyone under 10. I think it was darker, slower moving and not so action packed. Did I like it? Yes, I did! I loved the play on the crushes between characters. Brings back memories! I definitely think they used this to set up for the final movie; this one really ended kind of slowly. My favorite character: Helena Bonham-Carter (Mrs. Tim Burton) She was deliciously wicked and wacky.

Okay so tomorrow is a busy day. Wood hauling in the morning, cherry canning in the midday (they are finally ripe), maybe raspberries too, and finally, groceries and finishing Chelsea's bonnet for the Martin Cove trek! I am getting excited for her to go!

And with that, I am off to bed!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Tuesday!

I am really excited because tomorrow I get to can cherries! My tree always produces and I love the pie cherry recipe I posted a couple of weeks ago! Besides the cherries I have strawberries in the fridge that need to be jam, my raspberry patch has been raided a couple of times already and I think by next week I will be saucing my Lodi Apples! I love when this time of year gets here because all that hard work we have been putting into our gardens, starts to pay off!
If you were lucky enough not to have a zucchini crop failure (like we did, thanks Mother Nature) I have a suggestion. Go visit the ladies at, they have posted some awesome recipes to use your zucchini in. I tried the Speghetti Zucchini Bake last night and it was a definite thumbs up! Easy to make too, and even this winter would be possible with dehydrated onions, zucchini and mushrooms. Good use of food storage!
Hope you have a productive day!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I decided I needed a holiday tomorrow, so I went to to see what was on schedule for tomorrow. Imagine my pleasure when I found out it is National Chocolate Milk day! I love chocolate milk! Nothing like it and cookies, or toast, or just about anything!

So in honor of chocolate lovers everywhere, open a cold one in the morning!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

This is a self-portrait of Chelsea, my now 17 year old daughter! Today is her birthday! She is my rough and tumble, violin playing, drumline drumming, electric guitar picking, hunting, biking, animal loving, and what ever she can do today, girl! She is not afraid to try anything new, whether it is tomboyish or feminine. I call her my renassance woman!

She would like you to think of her doing something like this --->

But to me she will always be more like this-->

I recently completed a couple of scrapbook pages of her and decided to share them with you. This one is of her at the beginning of school last fall.

This was more recently, when she got to ride in her dream car ( see July 3 post). But the title really fits Chelsea, my classic beauty!
So in honor of Chelsea, I will refrain from posting the baby pictures I had saved up, at least for now! :) I will, instead, embarrass her with sentiment. 18 years ago, I had 3 kids, the youngest 10 1/2 and thought life was grand! Then I found out that I was having Chelsea! From the moment she came into this world in 1992, she has been a source of love, devotion, humor and precious memories for her dad and I. We are so thankful that Heavenly Father gave her to us and we look forward to many future birthdays with her as we watch her develop into an AWESOME woman!
Happy Bday Chelser-selzer!
Love Mom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Okay today is preserving Tuesday! I was trying to think of a whitty tip to give you. Somehow I don't feel to whitty today. However, it has been a beautiful day today! I got up at 6:30, strapped my tennis shoes on and went out and set sprinklers in the yard. Pulled some weeds. Played with my kittens, Cruiser and Whiner (guess how he got that name). Checked my garden, and found ripe cherry tomatoes! I can't wait until a few more come on. Here is my tip for the day! Do you have a dehydrator? I love mine. Actually after putting it away for a year or two, I got it back out and have been dehydrating like crazy. If you still have rubarb, dehydrate some. This winter you can make a delicious cake. I will give you the recipe at the end. Also, the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and dehydrate. Keep in a quart jar in the cupboard to add to stews and soups. When you dehydrate the tomatoes, do a couple of trays of celery! That's right, celery! Keep them in a jar and use them in stews and soups or whatever you need celery for. They re-hydrate in 10-15 minutes. I keep them around for when I run out of fresh celery. And if you do the tomatoes and celery together, your house smells incredible.

If you are interested in getting a dehydrator, be sure and buy the Nesco/American Harvester Snackmaster. It is cheap ($59) and you can get extra trays and jerky and fruit leather trays for them! I have gotten them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and also Basic Living in Rexburg, and the Preparedness Store in IF. So check around.

One more tip, when you dry stuff and put it in a quart jar, leave it open for a day or two to make sure there is no residual moisture, then put an 02 pac in the jar and close. The O2 pac will pretty much seal the jar and help keep your stuff fresh longer!

Rubarb Cake


1 1/2 C brown sugar

1/2 C shortening

2 eggs


1 tsp vanilla

1 C buttermilk

Sitr in:

1 tsp soda

1/2 tsp salt

2 C flour

1 1/2 C diced rhubarb

Put in 9 X 13 pan.


1/2 C brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 C nuts

Sprinkle over top. Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve warm with whipped cream.

Have a delicious day!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

I was reading some blogs tonight and went to and Tim reminded me that it was Disneyland's 54 birthday! My favorite place on earth! I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and that's only about 8 miles from Anaheim and Disneyland! I am also only 3 years younger than the park and literally grew up with it! When I was little I used to try to get lost on purpose so I could spend the night in the park! Never happened, but I sure tried! I even made my husband take me there on our honeymoon! If you ever see me, it will be with a Mickey Mouse watch on, since I have 6 of them at last count! So in honor of Mickey and Disneyland I have put this clock on my blog!

So happy bday to the happiest place on earth!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Found Lori

I took some time off from blogging (too much life happening, you know) and when I came back and started reading blogs, I was disappointed not to be able to find my friend Lori. Everyone else's blogs lead to the same now defunct blog! Well no more! This morning I found at least one of her blogs It is really cute Lori, by the way! She mentioned that someone else had challenged her to tell about the first quilt she made! She has a cute story, so go read it! Anyways, I decided to tell you my first quilt story!

My grandma Alvey was a great quilt maker! Her and all of her sisters (7 of them) used to get together to do quilts all the time! It was a big event, with pot luck dishes and tons of visiting! I went a few times in my teens and loved listening to them! When I was 19 I got engaged! The sisters got together and quilted me a tricot quilt (remember those?) with the Idaho Falls Temple in the middle of it. It was very beautiful and had tons of quilting on it! I decided to try my hand at quilt making, however, I decided to make my first one a tied quilt! So I bought blue gingham check for one side and a blue flower pattern for the other, all cotton broadcloth (got a good deal since I was working at House of Fabrics). We put it on on the back covered patio, since it was summer and everyone came to tie! Now my grandma Alvey may have been the quilter, but my grandpa Alvey was the tie-er (sp)! He taught everyone in our family a neat way to tie, learned from his grandma! Anyways, before it was done, not only did the women tie on it, but my now husband, my brothers and my dad tied on that quilt!

I still have the quilt! As a matter of fact, if you check out my bed, after 32 years it is still on it! However, it has become threadbare in a few spots and is pulling apart in others. the other day I told my husband I needed to get rid of it, and he said no way! So I guess I am going to be making another ginham check quilt soon!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane today, Lori! I am so glad I found you again!

Everyone, make a memory today!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preserving Tuesday

Okay, so I have been toying with this idea for awhile. Tell me what you think. I have been canning all my life, first with my mom, then for the past 30 years on my own. So I have accumulated a little bit of experience and knowledge. I decided that on Tuesdays, I will share a little bit, sometimes some recipes, etc. I hope to get you enthused about canning and preserving food, for health reasons and for monetary reasons. There will be shameless plugs for stores and websites I love, even though I have no part of them as far as ownership. Share with us anything you find that you think will be of interest! Let's get something going!

First off, Tiffany (my daughter) and I went to a Preparedness Fair in April at the Ucon Elementary School (if you were involved, it was awesome!) It inspired me to keep doing the things I do (canning, dehydrating) and try some new ones (sprouting)! One of the ladies had the book, "Putting Food By". As Tiffany and I thumbed through it, we really liked it, so I came home and got on ( a great place to find things cheap), and found it and several other books, so I bought them!

Here are the titles of the books shown in the picture:

Putting Food By, 4th Edition, Newly Revised (Janet Green, Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan) This covers all kinds of preserving, has some recipes and has dietary tips to minimize salt and sugar!

Preserving Summer's Bounty (Edited by Susan McClure and the staff of The Rodale Food Center). This has ended up being my favorite book! Talks about what to grow, how to use it fresh and how to preserve it. Clear language and explanations. Lots of recipes! Excellent Book!

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving (Edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine) What can I say, 400 recipes! Some wonderful, some really wild (like Jalepeno Jelly that my daughter swears by)! Yummy stuff!

So let's get canning! Most of the vegetables are not ready yet, but the cherries are starting and you can always do jams, either from your garden or hit the local farmer's markets. Today I am sharing 2 recipes with you, Pie cherries and Kidney Beans. The kidney beans are so easy and you can do them any time of year. The cherries are starting on and some of the fruit stands have Utah fruit now. If I had known how easy it is to can cherries, I would have done it years ago. As it is, I was dragged into it, when my husband planted a pie cherry tree about 7 years ago. Let me tell you, they produce! And when you pick them, you better be ready to can right then, because they don't sit. After figuring that out and buying a cherry pitter (a real time and hand saver) I loved canning them!

Cherry Pie Filling ( from Susan Scott)

6 quarts pie cherries, pitted

7 C sugar 2 tsp almond extract
1 3/4 C Clear gel
9 1/3 C water
1/2 C lemon juice

2 tsp red food coloring

In a saucepan, combine sugar and clear gel. Add water, almond extract and food coloring. Cook on medium heat until thickened (boiling), stirring constantly. Add lemon juice and stir 1 minute. Add cherries. Put in jars and water bath for 30 minutes.

Clear Gel can be hard to find, but I get mine at, either on the internet at their local store.

Pressure-Cooked Beans (from Maureen and Colleen Scott)

In quart jars put:
1/4 C chopped raw onion

1/4 C chopped raw celery

1 1/2 C dry beans (kidney or pinto)

1 1/2 tsp salt

fill jars the rest of the way with water, to the rim. Add lid and ring. Pressure cook 12 lbs for 55 minutes. For pints, use 3/4 C beans and pressure for 35 minutes.

These beans can be used in any recipe calling for storebought canned beans. I use them to make chili, refried beans and in bean salads!

My last tip for the day. Go to! It is an awesome site that can hook you up with pick your own farms, has tons of recipes, canning tips, and links to where to get anything you would ever need! Check them out!

Well all this canning talk has made me hungry! I think I am going to make a cherry cobbler tonight! Hope you try something new today!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is pretty much a dog story!

So we went boating today! We got up this morning and decided to run up to Blacktail and put in for a couple of hours. We just boated around for a bit, then put a tube in the water for Chelsea!

At first she was really full of herself, not holding on or anything!

So her dad sped up and started looping around to hit our own rollers! She got serious really fast!

We pulled her around for about an hour and then she was ready to get back in the boat!

We decided to bring our schnauzers, Toby and Missy, to see how they like boating! Missy spent most of her time under Gene or I's feet! She didn't like it at all and was really glad when we went back in!

The big surprise was Toby! He loved it! He kept getting up on the back seat where he could watch Chelsea, and even stood on the very back until I would yell at him to get down! He is a speed demon, that dog!

Here we are before we took off, Toby and Me!

The picture at the beginning is of Gene letting Toby in and out in the tube! He even loved that!
What a dog! What a fun day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

okay we're going to try this. want to see something funny? Watch this!

See if that doesn't make you smile!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


With Michael Jackson's funeral and memorial today, I wanted to say a little about him. I was sad when he died, sad for a life lost too soon, sad for his children, sad for the loss of talent. He was very representative of our generation, being born the same year as me. My husband even shares the exact birthdate with him.
Last night when my husband were talking before going to bed, he commented that his time was shorter on this earth, saying at least he outlasted Michael and Billy Mays. After I slugged him, I got thinking about it, and I guess what he was trying to say was he was facing his mortality. This morning I have been doing that. None of us know when we will go, so make the most of life NOW. I know Michael had a lot of controversy in life, but I choose to remember the good stuff, songs like Rock with You, I'll Be There, Billy Jean and of course Thriller. I remember crowding around our TV with my young children, anxiously waiting for the premiere of the video to "Thriller" We wore out a cassette tape of that album. And who could forget "We Are The World", when it premiered that morning on the radio, and you realized as you listened, that all around the world, everyone else was listening! So, to the gloved one, I tip my hat! Goodbye Michael.

Billy Mays had only entered our lives in the last few years, but he was quite a character! I even watched him on "Pitchmen" one night and was awed by his ability to sell anything! He had a way with people and 50 was too young to die!
So I end with a thought for you today, "Remember Yesterday, Cherish Tomorrow, but Live for Today". Make today the best day yet!

Monday, July 6, 2009

WAW (what a weekend)!

What else would you call it! We had a jam packed weekend and the time of our lives! Friday night we went over to Jefferson Lake to watch fireworks! Jefferson County puts on a wonderful fun fest the day before the 4th and then an awesome fireworks display coreographed by KUPI.

I am still learning to take night pictures, but here are a couple of the fireworks. Saturday morning we had a flagraising ceremony, where my grandma's cousin, Gail Nelson, spoke. It was really nice! I lead the music and even had the kids march carrying flags while everyone sang You're a grand old Flag! Afterwards, the girls served a yummy breakfast. Then it was off to the Rexburg Parade. We sat with a bunch of friends and really enjoyed it! Saw some people from the ward, and of course Chelsea's friends in the dance team. But the whole reason I go, is for this---->
The car wash men from Ray's Chevron! Every year they have a drill team to the song "Car Wash"! It is a hoot, and they aren't bad to look at either!

After the parade, we rushed back to Menan, where we shopped the booths, ate too much, then sat and visited with friends as we waited for the parade to start at 2:00. Chelsea had to go to work at 3:00, so we parked near the end of the parade so she could park her car just beyond and get out! She got to see most of the parade before she had to go! After the parade, we went home, and took a nap to save up energy for the night! Then we went to Artic Circle and out to wait for the fireworks in Menan! Chelsea joined us after she got off work. There were over 25,000 people there for this little celebration and the fireworks were awesome! I wasn't going to take any pictures, but the fireworks were so good I whipped out my Blackberry and snapped a few. Here they are!

Sunday, after church, we came home and chilled out for the afternoon. Jeremy and Niki joined us later and brought some yummy steaks and corn on the cob, which they cooked for us! It was really nice to have them do the meal! Not very often that I get to relax instead of slaving over the stove! :) I added a couple of salads, lots of veggies and even some swiss chard out of our garden! It was an awesome meal! Later we lit some of our 'illegal fireworks', the kind that shoot into the air! It was so funny, cuz Jesson is just like the rest of the guys in the family, right up there wanting to light them and so excited when they go off! Maddie on the other hand, does not like the noise. After about 20 of them, the wind picked up and we had to stop. But Jesson and Maddie and I sat on the porch and watched the lightening. I told them they were Heavenly Father's fireworks, and Maddie liked that they didn't have any sound with them! What a perfect night!

Hope you sparkle today!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Go baby!

Today temptation set in! We were running erands in Idaho Falls, when we happened upon Broadway Ford. There happened to be a blue Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 on the lot. So we happened to stop by to look. And then Gene and Chelsea happened to go for a test drive! The picture above is of Gene pulling out of the parking lot. He tells me they got it up to 145 mph! Glad I wasn't there. Anyways, they both came back drooling and sold. Chelsea was ready to sign on the dotted line! (Yea right)
I did take a picture of her in it! I told her I was going to make a poster of it and she could hang it in her bedroom to remind her of why she should go to college and get a degree!
Happy 4th everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Fireworks a couple of days early! These are over Arlington Cemetery and I got the picture from National Geographic, one of my favorite magazines!

So hope you have lots of things planned for the weekend! We don't exactly have anything planned, some family members have other plans so I don't if we will see them. Hope so, hope they know they are always welcome!

Anyways, I love fireworks! The kind that shoot in the air! This is the one time when I bend the law a little and shoot some off, even though they aren't legal! A girl's got to have a little fun sometime! We are going to fireworks tomorrow night, Saturday night, and shooting our own off on Sunday night! I am so excited and I plan on taking pictures this year! Trying to figure out this whole Aperture thingie on my camera! :)

Hope you have tons of fun and lots of family this weekend! I will check in periodically!

Be safe!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My flowers have really struggled this year, with all the rain! But in the last week, with a little sunshine and heat, they are starting to snap out of it!

I kind of feel like them, after a week of warmth and sunshine, I am snapping out of it!

Hope you are enjoying all of Heavenly Father's beautiful gifts today!

You go, girl!

We own the ground behind our home and rent it to Gene's cousin, Doug, to farm. Doug and Ty (his son) have hay on it. This year has not been good for hay and we are about 2 weeks behind when it should have been cut. Ty and his wife, Kari, also just started building a house, so Ty is doing double duty right now. Well, last night they started to mow the hay behind us and didn't go too far. Then this morning the mower started up and away it went. I didn't pay too much attention to it, until it got right behind our house. Kari was driving! Woo hoo! You go girl! So I had to grab the camera and take a picture or two! Kari has become a full-fledged farmers wife!