Thursday, July 2, 2009


Fireworks a couple of days early! These are over Arlington Cemetery and I got the picture from National Geographic, one of my favorite magazines!

So hope you have lots of things planned for the weekend! We don't exactly have anything planned, some family members have other plans so I don't if we will see them. Hope so, hope they know they are always welcome!

Anyways, I love fireworks! The kind that shoot in the air! This is the one time when I bend the law a little and shoot some off, even though they aren't legal! A girl's got to have a little fun sometime! We are going to fireworks tomorrow night, Saturday night, and shooting our own off on Sunday night! I am so excited and I plan on taking pictures this year! Trying to figure out this whole Aperture thingie on my camera! :)

Hope you have tons of fun and lots of family this weekend! I will check in periodically!

Be safe!


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