Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

This is a self-portrait of Chelsea, my now 17 year old daughter! Today is her birthday! She is my rough and tumble, violin playing, drumline drumming, electric guitar picking, hunting, biking, animal loving, and what ever she can do today, girl! She is not afraid to try anything new, whether it is tomboyish or feminine. I call her my renassance woman!

She would like you to think of her doing something like this --->

But to me she will always be more like this-->

I recently completed a couple of scrapbook pages of her and decided to share them with you. This one is of her at the beginning of school last fall.

This was more recently, when she got to ride in her dream car ( see July 3 post). But the title really fits Chelsea, my classic beauty!
So in honor of Chelsea, I will refrain from posting the baby pictures I had saved up, at least for now! :) I will, instead, embarrass her with sentiment. 18 years ago, I had 3 kids, the youngest 10 1/2 and thought life was grand! Then I found out that I was having Chelsea! From the moment she came into this world in 1992, she has been a source of love, devotion, humor and precious memories for her dad and I. We are so thankful that Heavenly Father gave her to us and we look forward to many future birthdays with her as we watch her develop into an AWESOME woman!
Happy Bday Chelser-selzer!
Love Mom

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Becki said...

Aren't the "surprises" the ones who seem to bless our lives the most? My son was 11 1/2, I had been "taken advantage of", and was sitting in my living room watching the 2nd tower go down on Sept 11, literally praying to God, thanking him for not letting me bring another child into this world. A week later, I felt a kick. I was 25 1/2 weeks along by the time I went to the doctor. SURPRISE!!! She has been the best thing that could happen to me. (and proves God has a sense of humor)