Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is pretty much a dog story!

So we went boating today! We got up this morning and decided to run up to Blacktail and put in for a couple of hours. We just boated around for a bit, then put a tube in the water for Chelsea!

At first she was really full of herself, not holding on or anything!

So her dad sped up and started looping around to hit our own rollers! She got serious really fast!

We pulled her around for about an hour and then she was ready to get back in the boat!

We decided to bring our schnauzers, Toby and Missy, to see how they like boating! Missy spent most of her time under Gene or I's feet! She didn't like it at all and was really glad when we went back in!

The big surprise was Toby! He loved it! He kept getting up on the back seat where he could watch Chelsea, and even stood on the very back until I would yell at him to get down! He is a speed demon, that dog!

Here we are before we took off, Toby and Me!

The picture at the beginning is of Gene letting Toby in and out in the tube! He even loved that!
What a dog! What a fun day!

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