Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Found Lori

I took some time off from blogging (too much life happening, you know) and when I came back and started reading blogs, I was disappointed not to be able to find my friend Lori. Everyone else's blogs lead to the same now defunct blog! Well no more! This morning I found at least one of her blogs It is really cute Lori, by the way! She mentioned that someone else had challenged her to tell about the first quilt she made! She has a cute story, so go read it! Anyways, I decided to tell you my first quilt story!

My grandma Alvey was a great quilt maker! Her and all of her sisters (7 of them) used to get together to do quilts all the time! It was a big event, with pot luck dishes and tons of visiting! I went a few times in my teens and loved listening to them! When I was 19 I got engaged! The sisters got together and quilted me a tricot quilt (remember those?) with the Idaho Falls Temple in the middle of it. It was very beautiful and had tons of quilting on it! I decided to try my hand at quilt making, however, I decided to make my first one a tied quilt! So I bought blue gingham check for one side and a blue flower pattern for the other, all cotton broadcloth (got a good deal since I was working at House of Fabrics). We put it on on the back covered patio, since it was summer and everyone came to tie! Now my grandma Alvey may have been the quilter, but my grandpa Alvey was the tie-er (sp)! He taught everyone in our family a neat way to tie, learned from his grandma! Anyways, before it was done, not only did the women tie on it, but my now husband, my brothers and my dad tied on that quilt!

I still have the quilt! As a matter of fact, if you check out my bed, after 32 years it is still on it! However, it has become threadbare in a few spots and is pulling apart in others. the other day I told my husband I needed to get rid of it, and he said no way! So I guess I am going to be making another ginham check quilt soon!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane today, Lori! I am so glad I found you again!

Everyone, make a memory today!


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lori said...

I love your story of your first quilt! I think stories like this are the stories we need to record and pass on! Don't get rid of your quilt! That would be so sad!
And I'm happy to be found! It's so fun!