Tuesday, August 31, 2010


How did I miss July and almost August? I tell you, sometimes I don't know where the time goes! I must be getting old! So here is the quick version! We went camping on the 4th of July in Teton Valley and went to the Glen Beck show, and watched the fireworks and it was wonderful! I slaved in the yard and the garden, which has struggled because of the weather, then got drowned by raspberries! I canned lots of jam! Then my baby, Chelsea (or Chelser-selzer as I call her sometimes) turned 18. Also, Chelsea decided she needed a new car and wouldn't let the subject alone. In the end she bought a Honda Civic (2001) for $3200, a pretty good deal, but then after we put it on the insurance and paid for the license and sales tax, the computer malfunctioned and 2 weeks and $400 later, it was running again! But it really is a cute car and her sister-in-law, Christy, made her the cutest Fox sticker for the back window. My dad also had a bout with pnuemonia, again, and gave us a scare! But he is okay now. August brought the Finn Family reunion, which was lots of fun, even with the gail force wind that roared in on Friday night, followed by buckets of rain! We ended up in the trailer, watching The Time Travelers Wife on the computer. But the rest of the weekend was great! Then back to the yard and garden, where I have onions and peppers and my beans are finally blossoming! Last week, Chelsea started her first day of college at ISU-IF campus, my brother Sean went into the hospital with kidney failure (type 1 diabetes), Bailey (our granddaughter) turned 6, I had a pack meeting at my house where I let 8 and 9 year old boys start a fire ( and put it out), and my hubby had another birthday on Sunday. Everyone came and we celebrated Gene and Bailey's birthday together ( I baked a chocolate and carrot cake) and made homemade pizza! This week is a little quieter and I am learning to be an empty-nester. Not liking it yet, but learning to adapt. I am currently crocheting like a madwoman, making hotpads for a craft fair I am doing with my daughter in law in November. Oh and did I mention we are getting a grandbaby in November? Number 7.

So there you have it! Two months on the fly! I am in the flow again, so I should be here on a more regular basis. Matter of fact I am working on some cute stuff I want to share with you! I am really excited! And I get to go to a crop with Express the Moment at the end of September! That always gets my creative juices flowing!