Saturday, January 31, 2009

In a groove....

Well, after a week and a half of frantically trying to get on top of tax season, I hit my groove today! I got up at 7:00 and washed 2 batches of clothes, folded 2 more batches and loaded the dishwasher, all before 9:00! Then I breezed right through 8 tax returns today and put together my ward newsletter tonight. I am printing it out right now, so I am killing time. I love when I get on top of things like this. I am Woman Hear Me Roar! I wish I could be like this all the time! I would get so much done!

Well I went and got my hair done on Thursday, instead of Wednesday! Wednesday was not a good day, and I had a hard time dealing with everything. But luckily, my hair gal, Marie Gardner was very understanding and we did it the next day! I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will try tomorrow! I like it, it is getting closer to the color I want, which is dark ash blonde with very blonde streaks in it. I also had her cut about another inch off it! But now I feel like a new woman, which is probably why I have been so productive the last couple of days! Thanks Marie!

One of the reasons Wednesday was not good? Well I have this friend Mischelle that I ran around with in high school (back in the dark ages). I introduced her to my mom's cousin, Tony and they eventually got married and had 4 children. The oldest, Russ, was born in 1976, during our Senior year. Well last weekend, he took his own life. It was almost as bad as if it had been my own child. My heart hurts for them. I held this child, took care of him, loved his little towhead! He was 33 and the father of 3 children. Words cannot explain how we have felt the past few days. We aren't supposed to outlive our children.

Well on to happier things! I have some pictures to show you.

Awesome, right? Well I didn't take them. Have you ever been to the National Geographic Magazine Web site? It is truly awesome. I subscribe to the magazine, always have (the magazine still comes to the Scott children, even though Chelsea is the last and 16!) and they send me an email each month with a link to their latest wallpapers that you can download for free! They are pictures from the magazine and from an internet column called the Daily 10, and they are breathtaking! These are only a sample; a Cheetah in the Serenghettie, butterflies in Mexico and a bee pollenating a hugh sunflower in Nebraska! Anyways, if you enjoy good photography, look them up, I have a link at the side of my page!
Okay I have rambled enough! Happy Superbowl Sunday and go Cardinals (I am a sucker for the underdog!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I thought yesterday was bad......

I guess I jinxed it last night! Woke up at 6:45 this morning to my phone ringing. It was Jefferson School District #251 informing me that school was cancelled due to extreme weather. You think? At that time it was 18 degrees below zero with a windchill of -35. Not funny! The high today was a whopping 8 degrees. Enough said.

Speaking of the school district, do you just love this automated calling? Within 5 minutes we received a call at home, on Gene and I's cell phones and an email, just to make sure we knew. Works kind of cool! I must congratulate the district on a smart choice in getting this system.

My day just got worse. Had to go to the doctor for my yearly exam. Just love it. I am really healthy, nothing wrong, but I still hate it. A necessary evil. And I have reached the age that I have to talk to her about things like peri-menopause, bio-identical hormones, and such (shudder). I don't want to get old! I don't want anymore children, but why is the option getting old? I can't believe I actually watched a show on Oprah about this last week. Yuk!

Oh well, good news is that I get to go get my hair done tomorrow. That is a GOOD thing! Color for sure and possibly a cut. I will post pics if I like it, okay?

Well I hope you stay warm!



Monday, January 26, 2009


I hate the cold! I really do! I know, hate is a strong word. I used to chew my kids out for using it. Telling them that you can dislike something, but never hate it! So know that I take this seriously when I say I hate the cold! Tonight as I type this, it is 6 below zero. That's right, 6 Below ZERO!!!!!! It is not fair that it was sunny in Southern California today! Not at all! We have had snow, rain, freezing rain, snow and more snow in the last 3 days. The result? Snow covered roads with a solid inch of hard ice underneath it! Not ideal for driving conditions! Tonight I stopped at a stop sign (good huh?) and then tried to turn right (uphill) onto the Menan-Lorenzo highway. But instead of turning right I went straight; straight for the barrow pit on the other side of the road. I pushed the 4 wheel drive button and suddenly my Tahoe turned right. Then I began my tire spinning ascent up the Annis Butte. I did not take it out of 4 wheel drive until I was safely in my driveway. Oh Brother!

In case you can't tell, I am not a cold weather kind of person. Now mind you, I am better than I used to be! When I first moved to Idaho, I thought 50 degrees was winter coat weather. Now if it breaks 50 degrees I am in shirt sleeves! This is the only time of year that I miss living in Huntington Beach, California, where I spent the first 13 years of my life.

Oh well, I am accountant, so that will keep me busy for the next couple of months. And when I am done, it will be Spring! Woo hoo!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, What a Day!

I don't care who you are, you would have to be a total toad to NOT feel some emotions today! Here are some pictures that touched me along the way! First of all, this one, when the President George Bush and Laura invited the Obamas' to tea at the White House before things started this morning. They all embraced and Michelle gave Laura a gift and it was a touching moment.

What experience for these girls to be standing there with their parents, embarking on this great big adventure! I thought it was charming that Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama goofed up on the swearing in! Just shows they are human!

Obama chose to use Lincoln's bible to be sworn in with. I thought that was neat! He seems to be gearing up to follow Lincoln in philosophy. I hope so. I heard that Barack Obama has been studying Lincoln extensively since he was elected.

Here, Obama embraces George one last time before he gets on the helicopter to head to the airport and on to Texas. They both have gone out of their ways to make this inaugauration smooth and friendly. I can't say I remember a president attending the next president's inaugauration, ever! It shows you what an honorable man each president is! I hope that this signals our country making a better attempt to work together!

I found this video on and loved it. It has been posted on UTube also, and that is where I am sending you to watch it! America's Song Enjoy!