Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, What a Day!

I don't care who you are, you would have to be a total toad to NOT feel some emotions today! Here are some pictures that touched me along the way! First of all, this one, when the President George Bush and Laura invited the Obamas' to tea at the White House before things started this morning. They all embraced and Michelle gave Laura a gift and it was a touching moment.

What experience for these girls to be standing there with their parents, embarking on this great big adventure! I thought it was charming that Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama goofed up on the swearing in! Just shows they are human!

Obama chose to use Lincoln's bible to be sworn in with. I thought that was neat! He seems to be gearing up to follow Lincoln in philosophy. I hope so. I heard that Barack Obama has been studying Lincoln extensively since he was elected.

Here, Obama embraces George one last time before he gets on the helicopter to head to the airport and on to Texas. They both have gone out of their ways to make this inaugauration smooth and friendly. I can't say I remember a president attending the next president's inaugauration, ever! It shows you what an honorable man each president is! I hope that this signals our country making a better attempt to work together!

I found this video on Oprah.com and loved it. It has been posted on UTube also, and that is where I am sending you to watch it! America's Song Enjoy!


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