Friday, November 30, 2007

Something to Talk About

It has been awhile since I posted some layouts. I was going through my albums and found a couple of old ones I would like to share. Hope you enjoy!

Have you ever bought one of those huge bottle of bubbles at Walmart? Well I did a couple of years ago and the kids had an absolute blast with it! They blew bubble all summer and I finally threw the bottle away so that I didn't have to clean my sidewalk anymore! So I created these pages to remind me of the fun we had that spring and summer with Bubbles!

Chelsea took dance for 6 years. This was the next to the last year she took, in 2004! They did really well that year and the team won lots of awards! Each picture was from a different performance! Lots of running that year!

When my kids were really little and we were really broke, my husband found this kit to make a rocking horse for Kendall, who was 3 at the time. When Gene got it all done, I painted it like an Indian paint pony, with spots and we gave it to Kendall for Christmas. Costs us about $10. He loved the thing and rocked about a million miles on it! Well the kids grew up and the ol' paint just kept on a rocking! Tiffany's little girls loved our rocking horse and always wanted to take it home. So Grandpa, being a wonderful Grandpa, traced all the parts, then cut them out and made another rocking horse. This one we varnished, no spots! "spirit"!

Lots of Christmas Cheer heading your way!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa's Helper is busy!

I promised you pictures and here they are! And to think all of this was made with yarn that I had left over from other projects! I hope to give the hot pads with a loaf of homemade bread and the wash cloths with a bottle of dish soap. I am trying to write cute poems to go with them. If anyone has a cute idea, let me know!
My next project, slippers for my grandkids to go with their jammies that I already have! Then I hope to finish a sweater for my hubby that I started last year! Hoping my knitting mojo doesn't run out soon!

Do you like to make Christmas? I do! Unfortunately, we are now in a society where everyone is materialistic and I don't think they want homemade gifts! Some of my fondest memories are of making everything for Christmas! I love the gifts, the candy, the food! We exchange presents with our oldest 3 kids and their spouses each year and we have a rule that at least part of the present needs to be homemade! We have Kendall and Christy this year and although my husband is doing the homemade part, I can't tell you about it cuz they might read this! Trust me when I say it is absolutely gorgeous!

I bought 2 more presents yesterday and did some shopping on Barnes and Nobles this morning. I think I will have everyone's presents bought by the end of the week, except for Gene. Then I will concentrate on him! I am almost scaring myself, because I am never this close to done on Christmas before December! I am excited to think that possibly the 2 weeks before Christmas will be fun just concentrating on candy! It is pretty sad that it has taken me 30 years to figure out how to get Christmas done on time! Slow learner, I guess!

Go out and spread some cheer today!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Remember Me?

Been a long time since I posted, eh? Well, at the beginning of November I got the creation bug and began to knit. I knitted a sweater for me, then began to crochet. And knit. I have made an afghan, crocheted 35 pot holders and knitted 11 wash cloths! I will take a picture and post tomorrow, but just had to tell you about it today! I have been knitting and crocheting in my dreams, it has overtaken my life recently!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We did! Had most of my family here and the dinner went really smooth. I was so organized, that it is scary! I should have taken pictures, because that will never happen again! I cooked a 26.5 lb turkey! I was afraid I didn't have a big enough pan for it and it wouldn't go in the Reynolds bag, but all was well! We have eaten turkey ever since Thursday! Last night I broke down and made a turkey pot pie, just so we could have something different! It tasted good! and thank heavens, Gene took the last piece of pumpkin pie to work with him!

Did you do Black Friday? I didn't! I did it once, about 10 years ago, and vowed never again! Actually, most of my shopping has been on line or at JC Penneys and Toys R Us! I am about 2/3's done now, hope to finish this week!

Actually, Gene and the kids went tree hunting in the hills and came home with a great tree! We do an artificial in the living room, which I really decorate up and then a big real tree in the family room, which is the family's to decorate! It has plastic ornaments and lots of candy canes on it! Completely kid proof! Anyways the artificial tree is going up tonight and the real tree will go up next weekend! We will be decorating our hearts out this week!

Saturday I did venture into Rigby (just a little town) and bought some garlands and a new nativity scene. We started a family tradition about 10 years ago that we buy a new nativity scene each year. They are all really different, but special! I will take a pic of them when we get them all out! Boy I owe you alot of pictures!

Go out and have a holly jolly day!