Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa's Helper is busy!

I promised you pictures and here they are! And to think all of this was made with yarn that I had left over from other projects! I hope to give the hot pads with a loaf of homemade bread and the wash cloths with a bottle of dish soap. I am trying to write cute poems to go with them. If anyone has a cute idea, let me know!
My next project, slippers for my grandkids to go with their jammies that I already have! Then I hope to finish a sweater for my hubby that I started last year! Hoping my knitting mojo doesn't run out soon!

Do you like to make Christmas? I do! Unfortunately, we are now in a society where everyone is materialistic and I don't think they want homemade gifts! Some of my fondest memories are of making everything for Christmas! I love the gifts, the candy, the food! We exchange presents with our oldest 3 kids and their spouses each year and we have a rule that at least part of the present needs to be homemade! We have Kendall and Christy this year and although my husband is doing the homemade part, I can't tell you about it cuz they might read this! Trust me when I say it is absolutely gorgeous!

I bought 2 more presents yesterday and did some shopping on Barnes and Nobles this morning. I think I will have everyone's presents bought by the end of the week, except for Gene. Then I will concentrate on him! I am almost scaring myself, because I am never this close to done on Christmas before December! I am excited to think that possibly the 2 weeks before Christmas will be fun just concentrating on candy! It is pretty sad that it has taken me 30 years to figure out how to get Christmas done on time! Slow learner, I guess!

Go out and spread some cheer today!


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