Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a productive couple of days, even dodging the rain! Our house has been in the process of being sided for 2 years. One son started, then had to bail because of personal problems. Another son and son in law promised help, but after asking over and over again for the past year, Gene and I started on it in April. We haven't gotten far, about 1/8 of the back of the house. But yesterday we started in earnest, and got the entire back our house where the deck is, done. At least the first 9 feet. The rest our son Jeremy is coming to help us with tomorrow, in between rain storms! This is the hardest part, and we two old people don't have good enough balance to attempt it anymore! Twenty years ago, Gene and I would have tackled this, no problem, but now it is overwhelming. Add to that that all of a sudden we have the plague in our family and no one wants to help us, because they don't need help. They have short memories, don't they. Oh well.

Tomorrow, another goal met!

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