Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got tO GeT Me sOMe!

I have a new favorite blog! It is and they are the ones putting out Melody Ross's new Artsy Urban collection. It is so dang cute! I borrowed a couple of pictures from their web site to show you what I mean. She has everything, paper packs, bordrs, buttons, stickers, epoxy stickers, all kinds of embellishments!

I love these buttons!
She has these butterflies and another full set of butterflies! I love butterflies!

Can I just say, got to get me some?! I am on my way to Michaels tomorrow to see if they are in yet! I can't wait! I am breaking my 6 month pledge not to buy anything new. This is my reward! :)
I will be dreaming in Artsy Urban tonight! Thanks Melody!

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