Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, here it is!

Here is the infamous dress! She chose the colors because they are Ryan's (her date) school colors. I think the dress looks a little like she should be a CanCan dancer, but it turned out cute! There is 12 yards of fabric in this thing! That bodice has to be the hardest thing I ever did, there are 11 different pieces, counting the sleeves! And I have never done so much gathering and not a ruffle on it!

And what makes me the happiest? Last night when we did a trial fit, she said "It is just exactly what I wanted"! I haven't heard that from this child in many years! My heart did a flip flop!

The best part of all? It's done!



Kim Rose said...

I am impressed! I wish I could sew!

Christine Dallimore said...

Oh- WOW!!! You did a beautiful job. She looks just beautiful in it!! I can sew a little, but I can never imagine doing a dress like that...and with 12 yards of fabric too? You are AMZAING!!! What a wonderful memory for her too! :0)

Love the new scrapbook things as well! I can't wait to see what layouts you make with them!!!

lori said...

How pretty! It's no wonder she loves it!

Jann said...

HOLY MOLY girlfriend! That is a lot of did FANTASTIC! Glad she liked wonderful to hear those words!
Way to go Mom...aka seamstress of the year!