Friday, September 11, 2009

Half full, Half empty?

Okay, so have you been over to Awesome site! This week they are having a preparedness drill! We have to go without spending money or going to the store for a week, then each day they throw an additional challenge on. Today's challenge was that your husband's boss is an unexpected dinner guest and he is a vegetarian, you have to have an appetizer, main course and 2 side dishes, then dessert. Since we ate mostly veggies from the garden, that wasn't hard, but not sure someone else would like it! So far I have been a 50 percenter! I have achieved about half the challenge! Is my cup half full or half empty? I like to think half full because I am learning what I need to improve. I actually have the food storage down and going to the store is not a problem! However, yesterday was a pandemic and we couldn't leave the house. I had the medical supplies; except for the surgical masks. The day before was a flood that had us evacuating; since I was canning, that didn't work. But the cool thing about all this? It has me thinking! That is always a good thing!

So if you want to follow along, click on the 7 Day Challenge button at the side of my blog. Check out what we all are doing, maybe join us for the last 4 days! Stretch your wings!


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