Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Survived!

I went to the store today! That and the Scout office! Spent money! So, you say! I got in the habit of not spending this past week, with the 7 Day Challenge from and it's hard to break out the debit card again! Paid bills too! I almost felt guilty about it! We need to do it again; I might save a LOT of money to keep on doing it!

But I have to admit, the thought of not having to plan everything way ahead is nice! Now if I can get over my first Cub Scout Pack meeting tomorrow night, I will really relax!

Actually not! You see Chelsea is going to homecoming next week and I have been assigned to create her the coolest, most awesome dress that ever existed! I was assigned after I told her no to a $400 (the most perfect dress ever) dress! So for a mere $120 we will whip her up a tea length dreamy creation, in the colors of red and black (his school colors). This boy better be cute! I will try to send occasional messages out from my prison, I mean sewing room! Come looking if you don't see me for a few days!


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Jann said...

Hey there pen friend!
I bet you and the "dungeon" will create something fantastic and awesome for that prom. Speaking for us all that read your blog....WE WILL WANT PHOTS!!!!! Did I scream that loud enough...LOL
Cannon Beach was awesome. Yes I tickled anemomes (spelling) and touched many a starfish. There were hundreds. Hit a twice a year low tide. LOVED it. Fed seals, dug crabs, came home with many a sand dollar...:o) We simply loved it.
Have a great day darlink...and sew sew sew!...(wink)
Smiles form this Thursday.