Friday, September 4, 2009

Homemade Bread

Since I got my Bosch Mixer in April, homemade bread has become the norm at our house. I so love making bread now that I don't have wear my arm out kneading it! But so far I have stuck mostly to white bread, even though my husband bought me a Nutramill Wheat Grinder at the same time. I ground up hard red wheat once and mixed it half and half with white flour, but my family wasn't thrilled with it.

I have been buying and storing hard white wheat, but had never used it. so this morning I was feeling brave and got it out and ground up a bunch. Then I mixed bread. Now I must admit I still mixed it with white flour, about 10 C hard white wheat, 6 C white flour. But here are the results!

I have been having my friends telling me it makes almost totally white bread, but I didn't believe them. Here is the results!
It is hard to tell it is whole wheat bread! It has a slightly cream color to it, but that is all. The wonderful thing about it is that the crust is so much softer than white! It is a slightly denser bread; in my case my normal loaves are about 1 lb 4 oz. These ended up weighing about 1 lb 12 oz. But it melts in your mouth! Even though it's 90 degrees outside, I feel a soup and bread night coming on!


alicia.king said...

that looks so good! now with some homemade jam :)

Christine Dallimore said...

O.k.- Just LOOKING at your bread makes me wish I was not insulin resistant! LOL!! Beautiful job!!! I am also SO excited about your canning recipe. I was never really motivated to can vegetables, but now I am... THANK YOU!!! Also- Sorry about the broken pump. It sounds like you were prepared though so "YAY" for you! I'm sending you an invite to my family blog- it's a lot less serious than my infertility blog! HA!! ;0) I just love reading your posts and I enjoy getting to know you! Oh- and thanks for the book suggestion. I am ordering it this week!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

Jann said...

You did well my dear....and by the way...if you ever need a BOAT ANCHOR...let me know...because I make the best ones with my bread machine that you can imagine...LOL I am SERIOUS here...hard as a rock, chips knifes...and teeth!...LOL These look amazing...congrats dear one...I truly think making bread...(well good bread you can actually eat) is a work of ART...commend yourself!
I'm awaiting what that yard pile is going to do...:o) Have the best this day has to offer!