Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage or Old?

No pictures, crafts or recipes to share tonight, only a random thought.  Yesterday my family was all together to celebrate Chelsea's 19th birthday, which was actually Friday.  We grilled burgers, brats and hot dogs and finished it off with chocolate cake and lots of icecream.  Then Kendall dug out some old fireworks that we had and bottlerockets (probably about 3 years old).  It was still light but the kids had a blast, especially when Kendall started shooting the bottlerockets into the water in the ditch.  The kids said the water was 'burping'!  And because I was enjoying the show so much, I didn't think to grab my camera.  So you just have to imagine it.

Later, Tiffany was surfing Craig's List, which she has taken to doing.  She is trying to furnish a huge house and needs cheap furniture.  Anyways, as she said, she is becoming addicted to Craig's list, because of some of the bizarre postings.  So she's reading through them and someone has posted a 'vintage' chain saw for like $180.  Now as you read further, you find out the chain saw is a 1970's model!  Vintage?  I call that old! Probably a piece of junk they cleaned up and hope to pass off as vintage so they can unload it!

So we were talking about this and I started thinking, if you call it 'vintage' does that make it more special, more valuable?  I know that everywhere you look, they are using 'vintage' to describe things as if it makes them more special.  I was added to the list on Twitter for a furniture company with 'vintage' in it's name.  There have been several varieties scrapbooking and crafting paper that has come out lately, with 'vintage' in their description.  And I even watched an antiques show the other night that used the word quite regularly.

That is when I decided that I live in a 'vintage' home on a 'vintage' farm and drive a 'vintage' Tahoe.  I play a 'vintage' piano and guitar and I watch TV everynight on my 'vintage' TV set.  I don't watch Blu Rays, but 'vintage' DVDs in my 'vintage' DVD player and even occasionally in my 'vintage' VHS machine.  But best of all, these wrinkles and gray hair, aches and pains, and dimming memories that I am acquiring are not because I am old!  Not at all!  I am a thing of beauty and value!  I am "Vintage"!



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