Monday, July 18, 2011

Grandma Loves!

These are all of my grandkids!  From left to right, Jesson (5), Sarah (8), Conner (8), Tyson (8 months), Bailey (6), Maddie (4) and Sydney (10).  I honestly don't remember them not being a part of our lives!  It is so much fun when we get them all together, a house full of chatter, noise and fun!  So you know this is the pairings of kids, Sydney and Sarah belong to Tiffany, Jesson and Maddie are Jeremy's and Conner, Bailey and Tyson are Kendall's.  Last night, Jeremy's ex was kind enough to bring the kids for us to see, since we haven't seen them for months.  We ate, played on four wheelers, and they built lego everything and played with our train set!  Such a good night!

In the back of our thoughts is Jesson.  He has had seizures since he was a baby, but seemed to have outgrown them, not having one for 2 years.  Matter of fact, the doctors at Primary Childrens, just released him with a clean bill of health a few months ago.  This past week he suffered 2 severe seizures and now has to go back to Primary Childrens for more tests.  They are now thinking instead of being the kind of seizures you outgrow (I had those kind as a little kid), this may be more serious, such as Epilepsy.  Our family is praying for a good outcome, whatever that may be!  If you can spare an extra prayer for Jesson, that would be appreciated!  Can't get too much help!

Love your family today!


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