Friday, July 8, 2011


My earliest memories of aprons were from my Grandma Sarah Alvey.  Everytime you went to her house, she had a different apron on, always bright, always colorful, and always lots of detail to them.  I loved Grandma's aprons!  She had this huge drawer with dozens of them, and when you were helping her cook, you got to go to the drawer and pick one out!  It was the highlight of my day, made me feel so grown up!

When Grandma Alvey died, we went through her stuff and my aunt let us each pick out a couple of aprons of grandma's.  These are the ones I picked out for me.  The red one was for Christmas, which happens to be my favorite holiday, so that is why I got it.
 The black and white one I chose because my grandma put alot of effort into this apron.  Not only did she sew it on her old Pfaff sewing machine (which I have), but she hand smocked it too!  Look at the detail!
 I never wore aprons too much when I was raising my kids.  Don't know why really, unless it is because I usually was in such a hurry to get things done and didn't think of it.  But lately I have taken to wearing an apron at least on Sunday, to protect my church clothes.  A practical matter really. 

That's it!  Aprons are practical!  Necessary!  But what we do to them is what makes them special!  So anyways, everywhere I turn lately, there are aprons!  Ruffled aprons, Smocked aprons.  Short aprons.  Long aprons.  It is all the rage!  I decided to try making me a couple of aprons. Now you have to understand that the last apron I made was in 1972 in my 8th grade home ec class with Mrs. Crumbaugh.  I make dresses all the time and an occasional baby blanket, but never an apron.  So here it is!
 Please look only at the apron, not at the model.  After all I have been doing housework and sewing all day!  If anyone else would have been around I would have had them model it!  But isn't it cute?
 I put buttons on the straps.............
                                                                       and rick rack on the pockets!

Makes me want to make another right away!  It was really fun and only took about 3 hours to do!  Maybe I'll start an apron revolution!  No dull aprons to be found!  The next one I am making is green and salmon with roses and yes, rick rack. 

And next time my grandkids are at my house, I am going to dress them all up in aprons and do some baking with them!  More memories!

Happy memories everyone!  Hope you find an apron that makes you smile!


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Debora DeSpain Greene said...

I totally relate to the apron thing!.. Let's make MORE MORE MORE. I need to blog my work. Inspired by you!!!!!! Thanks