Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watch out.........

I have had an unusual week for accidents. Really, really wierd things! Nobody is hurt or anything, but sometimes I wonder if I am a problem magnet.

First of all, on Saturday, when we went fishing (see Monday post), I didn't feel like fishing and so I sat in the Tahoe and crocheted. I got tired of crocheting for a minute, so I wove my needle through my work and set in on the dashboard. Later, I decided to crochet some more, picked up my work and the crochet hook promptly fell into the air vent on the dashboard! Panic set in and I grabbed a double point needle, shaped like a candy cane, and tried retrieving the hook. Almost had it, when I lost my grip on the double point needle and down it went! Ugh! So I had to admit to my husband what I did. They are still in there, not hurting anything, but making me feel like a dope!

The second thing happened today. I mowed the yard. We have a huge yard and it takes awhile to mow. Got the front yard mowed and set hoses, then moved to the backyard. Got the part behind the house done and moved over to the side yard. There was alot of garbage collected on the fence, so I picked it all up and started to mow. I backed up to my plum tree to get the tall grass underneath it, and promptly mowed an old baby blanket that my grandkids apparently had in the yard and had been hidden in the tall grass. Wrapped that sucker firmly around the lawn mower blade! All 52 inches of it! Ugh, Ugh! Now I have to wait until my husband comes home and fixes my mess. I feel like such a dope! Everything I touch, goes wrong!

So now I am watching the news, sipping on a Coke, and hoping I don't destroy anything else before dinner!


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