Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love Wednesdays

After I get tax season over with, I love Wednesdays! I know, I know, most people live for the weekends. Me, I live for Wednesdays! I don't go to the office on Wednesday, I stay home, putter around the house, clean, whatever I feel like. No one else is there, just me and my schnauzer, Toby. Sometimes I don't even get dressed!

So this morning I enjoyed these lovelies! When I was growing up I LOVED spoon size shredded wheat with fruit on it. Last week I bought a box after I don't know how long. Then yesterday I found some wonderful strawberries at the store and there you have it! My ideal breakfast! I actually sat out on my deck and savored this!

While I was enjoying my breakfast I got to look at this beautiful crab apple tree in my back yard. It always blooms about a week later than the other crab apple trees in my yard, and it is such a deep color! I wish trees bloomed all year long!

So let's see what today brings! Good things are happening!


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