Friday, June 24, 2011

Evil Grin!

Okay, so my brother in law lives next door to us. Has for 33 years. Probably will for the rest of his life. He and I have a love-hate relationship. I love him because he is Gene's brother and he does have his good moments. At one time he hated me because I took his brother/best friend away when I married him and had kids with him. Now because their mom is gone, he looks to me for female guidance, at least sometimes. And because he has never married, he relies and on Gene and I to take care of him when he is ill or having problems.

Why am I telling you this? Well so you understand that it is an interesting dynamic between us. Add to that Dean, at 54, has never married and probably never will (altho their dad was 63 when he married). So shall we say he marches to a little bit different beat than the rest of society? Like going to bed at 9:00 at night, or canning beans and weiners for a quick meal, or wearing red jogging pants tucked into his tube socks outside when he does yardwork (I kid you not and he is 6 foot 4). His latest quirk is that he has taken to mowing his lawn at 6:30 in the morning. Yes, that is A.M.! About once a week I am awakened by his poorly tuned riding lawn mower coughing it's way around the yard. The dew has not even left the lawn (and he wonders why his blade won't cut)!

So this morning it happened again. Now I have tried talking to him about it. And he ignored me. So I decided somehow to get even. I have thought about it all day long and finally came up with an idea. We have these awesome bottlerockets that we bought in Afton Wyoming last year. They whistle, then bang and twinkle over everything. So at 10:00 tonight, I took a bottle out on the deck rail and lit off about a dozen of them! What is it my 18 year old daughter says? Buhaaahhhh! accompanied by an evil grin. Hopefully he didn't sleep through them. But if he did and he chooses to mow next week at his appointed time, I also found a box of artillery shells. Buhhahhhaaaaaah!

If you live in my neighborhood I apologize in advance. But come and enjoy the show! You have Dean to thank for it!

Hope you have a great weekend! We are spending ours fishing!


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chelsea said...

Buaaahahaha! Or more evilly, muahahaha!