Monday, June 6, 2011


I used to hear old people say that the older you get the faster time goes. I personally thought they were full of it! But after looking at me blog and realizing that I haven't posted since January, I guess they are right! Because the last 6 months just flew by!

Not that I haven't been doing anything! Since January I have moved a child to college (see earlier post), learned a new tax program for my office, taught everyone else and prepared several hundred tax returns, put on a blue and gold banquet and a pinewood derby as the cubmaster, turned another year older, watched it rain, watched it rain some more, still more rain, then helped my husband begin to put up the walls on his garage/shop. I have also trimmed all the bushes in my yard, rebarked all the planters, put new brick around the house planters and planted a garden. In between I have been a wife, a mom to 4 and a grandma to 7!

In the last six months I have learned a few things too! I learned that I am still pretty good on computers. That I can make a great meal in no time. That no matter how old your kids get, they still need a mom and dad. And the biggest lesson? This is the hardest one to admit. That Gene and I are getting too old to build stuff by ourselves. That one is a hard one! Over the years we completely built our home, by ourselves, with our own 2 hands. The only thing we didn' have was a garage. So after 33 years of marriage, we decided to build a garage. The thing is, building permits have changed. Drastically. It took us most of the summer to get the permit and we barely got the concrete poured when it snowed. So Gene spent most of the winter buying up materials while the prices were down, and as soon as we could, we started building this spring. The taller the building got, the older we felt. Thank heavens our kids, Kendall and Chelsea, and Tiffany, and our son in law, Joe, stepped in. They helped us get the tresses up and most of it sheeted.

Now we are back to hanging a sheet of plywood here or there, but is starting to look like a garage! We went and picked out the colors for the roof and probably in another month, we will be able to park in it! Woo hoo!

So now I am trying to take time for myself, to do the things I like and need for my soul. I got released from being the cubmaster and have a fairly simple church job. And I am taking an art workshop from Christy Tomlinson, from Scarlet Lime products, and really enjoying it! She is making look at myself in a whole new way!

Over the next few weeks I will post pictures of the garage, to let you know how it's going! And I hope to share with you what I am learning about myself.

Go out and make it the best day possible, okay?


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