Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Moments!

So Saturday we went fishing up to Paul Reservoir by Humphrey. Gene has been dying to go and so we invited Tiffany and her girls to go with us! Now Tiffany hasn't had a fishing license since before she got married, so it's been awhile! It was really windy when we got there, but about 2 hours later it died off and the lake looked like mirror! You could see the hills all around it in the water! If you look close at these pictures, you can actually see it!
So this is the end result, 4 fish that the girls all pulled in! Sarah, left and Sydney hold the catch of the day!

Proud grandpa in the background!

Never a dull moment when you are fishing! Someone's pole was always bobbing! Kept Grandpa hopping!

Happy fishing to all of you!


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