Thursday, September 22, 2011


So fall will be here tomorrow.  A time when my garden starts to peter out, my yard doesn't need to be watered as much, the kids are back in school and the neighborhood is quieter.  It is also the time when I start to recount what I accomplished during the summer and make plans for fall and the holidays.  A re-counting of sorts.  Of course my to do list and my completed list are very lopsided.  I am usually running this way, a day late and a dollar short.  Lately I have been on a knitting jag and have accomplished so many things, but have a large list of things I still want to do.  What is it about women that make us make such huge goals that we can't finish unless we become 10 people?  Oh well.

On the other hand, I got to go to a wonderful class reunion this summer and connect with so many old and new friends.  Family reunions were always fun and having our grandkids around is always a blast!  Our youngest grandson, Tyson, starting walking (or I should say running) this week and it makes your heart smile to watch the look of wonder on his face as he accomplishes each new thing.  And he is only 11 months old! 

Best of all, our huge garage is making progress.  We just finished the roof.  Next will be the garage doors, probably around Christmas.  Then a break to next spring and the final push to get it sided and the floor poured.  And we will have a wonderful new garage!  This has been a huge undertaking for my husband, but it is really turning out so wonderfully!  I am really proud of him!

Just to let you see what I have accomplished lately, here is a shawlette which is my first attempt at knitting lace and a knitted purse that I did as a challenge on Ravelry.  It actually was kind of fun, which I never thought I would want to do, but now I have plans to do another in the near future.  Guess another item just got added to the to do list!

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Your knitting is very beautiful!