Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This past month my husband gave me the most wonderful gift, a spinning wheel.  I have wanted one for 30 years, but it always got put on the back burner.  Here its is -

She is an Ashford Traditional, single drive, single peddle.  I love her!

This is what I have made with her so far, some Romney wool (the scratchy kind)

and 100 % Merino wool (so soft)

Right now I am trying my hand at spinning Merino/Silk blend, that has already been dyed.  This yarn is looking so good and is consistant enough that I think I may be able to make socks out of it. 

Now I haven't forgotten my first love, knitting.  Here are some of my latest projects:

 These mittens are for me!  I love them!  They are knitted out of 100% Merino Wool, and the pattern I found on
 This is my own pattern for baby socks.  They fit newborn to 9 months and are really stretchy!

this is also a pattern I made for mittens!  If you like the socks or mittens, come visit me at the Rigby Jr High Craft Fair on November 12th!  My booth is the Corner Cupboard and it is filled with yummy yarn goodness!  Everything from mittens, to slippers and socks, to blankets, dresses, hair bows, hot pads, dish cloths, and more!  All made from yarn!  We have something for everyone!  I only do one of these a year and I bring everything I have worked on during that year.

And this year I think I will bring my spinning wheel, so come and watch!

Have a Yummy day!


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Milly Story said...

Hi Christine,
The wheel is beautiful and so are your spinnings! I love the mittens, too!