Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tomorrow is the day!

I am like a kid the night before Christmas! Once a year I treat myself to a retreat of sorts! I go to theExpress the Moment Expo, ,every year! I mentioned it a week or so ago! Well tomorrow is the day! If you live in the Eastern Idaho area, or plan to be here, you must check it out! It is the largest scrapbooking expo in the Intermountain Region and growing all the time! Kim Rose runs it and this year we are having Christy Tomlinson, , come to talk to us. All of the big companies and the locals will have booths. There is something for everyone, traditional, or digital wise. On Saturday 100 of us get to attend a conference that is crammed packed with stuff! This is my fifth year at the conference and my 6th year at the expo. Well worth your time! See you at the Shilo Inn!

I will take my computer and if I get a chance I will report in and send photos, otherwise, I will try and write on Sunday!

Have a great weekend, and make it count!


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