Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Patting Myself on the Back!!!!

You know how I was saying yesterday that I needed to grow! Well I did! I spent 5 hours last night, learning how to create a digital page on my computer! I created the banner at the top of my blog! It doesn't look like much, but I used 5 layers, changed colors, cropped, used text, and cropped a shape! I am pretty proud of myself! I might actually try doing a scrapbook page next!

Well I think I am done re-arranging and housecleaning here for awhile. I hope you like the page. Let me know!

Go and try something new today! Grow a little!


Anonymous said...

Cute new page mom!

Lori Jolley said...

I love it Christine! I'm thinking I might try some digital soon! I love the bright colors!

Kimmeroobobslob said...

Looks great Chris! Love the colors of the fonts, banner, etc. Way to go with the digital thing too! It can be so scary to try new things, but you did great! Keep up the great work!

Kim C. :)