Thursday, May 17, 2007


I guess I am becoming a blogger! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Over the next few weeks I hope to put together a blog to be proud of! I am new to this, but I love sharing scrapbook ideas and I hope I can help you grow and you can help me too!

Today was gorgeous! We had 88 degree weather! Of course the wind blew, it always blows in Idaho! But the trees are just finishing blooming and the lilacs are out! Unfortunately, we had a badly timed frost that damaged or did away with this year's blooms. Last year was glorious and I even did a couple of scrapbook pages and took lots of pics. I am going to try posting them, just give me a little time!

This was taken in May of 2006 in my front yard! This tree is a Syberian Pea Crab and smells positively sinful when it blooms! I wish I could bottle it! I am using this page to inspire my blog. I hope you find it pleasant and happy!

This is our newest addition to the family! Her name is Madalynn Valerie and she was born on March 16th! She is so sweet and she has a 15 month old brother to protect her!

Here she is with big brother, Jesson! Aren't they just beautiful? Grandma could just bust!

I feel a scrapbook page coming on! I'll let you see the end results!

Here's to me learning new computer tricks! And remember to make this day count!