Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm back!

Did you miss me? We went camping last Friday and got back on Monday! It has taken me a day to get back into my routine. Anyway it was a wonderful camping trip! Much better than last year when all it did was rain! This year we went to Paul Reservoir (sp), above Humphrey Idaho. It is almost to the Montana border and is just a lovely little place. It was quiet, just Gene, Chelsea and I, only one visit from the other kids. We got lots of relax time in!

Here are some pictures of the lake and the spot where we camped. The wildflowers broke out while we were there, but none of my pictures of them turned out. Go figure!

Chelsea and Gene went on a 4-wheeler ride. They found this creek that is just adorable and even found this tree that blew over, root ball and all, this spring. Chelsea is 5'5" and look how it towers over her! Chelsea also found stinging nettle up there, but Dad had her smear mud on it and it helped keep the itching and swelling down. When she got back to camp, we washed it well and gave her a Claritan. She still has some itching, but not what it could have been!

I was raised in Southern California, so even after living in Idaho for almost 35 years, I still get amazed by the immenseness of the outdoors around here. I love to watch wildlife. We would go out for a drive right at dusk to see animals each night. We saw 3 moose, 2 elk, 2 deer, and 1 antelope in our watchings and heard a pack of coyotes signal each other that they had dinner! You don't get that in California!

I also wanted to show you a picture of my youngest grandson, Jesson! He is 15 months, and is becoming quite the piano player! He loves music and all you have to do to calm him right down is sing to him! What a cutie! (grandma is prejudiced tho!)

Go out and make it a great day!


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Junebug221 said...

5' 51/2" Thank You very much! :D i'm getting to be so tall, and if you are reading this: Learn what your plants are, so you don't lay in something that will hurt you!