Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peek A Boo!

So you thought I was kidding when I said I was going off radar for a few weeks!  Whew!  I love August, but then I hate August too!  I love reunions, I love my raspberry patch, I love the smell of the fresh cut hay behind my house, I love early mornings working in my yard, I love camping and everyone trying to squeeze in a little more fun time before school starts.  But then I hate the heat, I hate the anticipation of the heat going away and winter setting in upon us too soon, I hate school starting up again and everything on our road being so quiet.  So I guess you could say August and I have a love-hate relationship!

So where do I start?  Well, our class reunion was actually the 29th and 30th of July and it was  a success!  It was so much work, but so worth it!  I think at 52-54 we are realizing our mortality and wanting to get close again.  We are already planning a dinner or luncheon around October, because 5 years is just too dang long to wait to get together again!

  This is my bf from high school, Melanie Hart Belnap!  She was in charge of the reunion and I was her able assistant!  Neither of our husbands went to Bonneville with us, but they were awesome!  They did all the heavy lifting for us and helped the evenings go off without any hitches!  Thanks Brent and Eugene!  You are the best (that's why we married you)!

It is hard to realize that Melanie and I are both grandmas!  I remember when the most important thing in our lives was deciding what outfits we going to wear so we coordinated with each other!  Now we both have awesome (and stressful) careers and blossoming families (mine is a tribe, actually) and suddenly we are looking more like our moms than our high school pictures.  Mind boggling!

This is another of my bfs!  Holly and I went to high school together and were pretty good friends. Then we decided to be college roommates!  There is a bond when you live with someone that you don't get any other way!  Holly is our resident artist!  When we in college she used to draw the newspaper adds for the Bon Marche and we always had awesome outfits floating around our apartment!  She even painted our Bee for our reunion!  There was no one better than Holly to play hooky from class with, and let me tell you this woman has the most awesome laugh!  You can be on the other side of the store, never see her, but when you hear it, you know Holly is there!  I found her once in Walmart with that laugh!

Have you ever tried to get a large group of people to all look at the camera at the same time?  Not easy!  We had about 75 people from our class attend between Friday and Saturday night!  Here are 42 or so of them!  Our original class had 305 graduate from it, so this is very small compared to the whole lot, but it's the cream of the crop!  Hurray for the Bonneville High School Class of 1976!  Go Bee!

And on that note, here is the Fighter Bee!  This was our school mascot!  It used to lay in tile at the entrance to our school.  Stepping on it had consequences!  If you were a bee, you would have to scrub it with a toothbrush, and if you were from another school, well lets just say more than fight resulted from insulting our Bee!  Holly painted it on clear vinyl so we could lay it out like it used to be!  I told you she was an awesome artist!

Well enough for today!  Tune in tomorrow for another installment of my July-August travails!  There is still much to come!


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