Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy, busy!

Well, I guess it took me a few more days than I thought to get back to you!  You know how it goes?  We have had 2 birthdays this past week and Gene and I both got the flu, so there you go! 

Want to see what I have been doing? 

 A pair of cuddly wool socks for Gene........
 A scarf to sell at the craft fair in November
 A cuddly warm wrap for me when the fall nights get here.............
And a shawl, don't know who it's for yet!  Anyways these are what I have pictures of right now.  I also knitted 2 keyhole scaves for the craft fair, another pair of socks, and 3 dishcloths from cotton yarn, but I didn't take pictures of them.  Right now I have 2 more pairs of socks on the needles, another keyhole scarf  (red!) and today I started a scarf for me.  I also have a sweater in a partially done stage, that I go back to every day or so.  That one will take til about Christmas to get done, but that's okay!  This is how I am battling empy nesting.  I really am enjoying it!

So last Thursday was Bailey's seventh birthday and Gene's was on Monday, so the family got together at Kendall and Christy's on Sunday and had a cookout!  It was really nice!  I have to tell you, it was different!  For so many years all the family events have been at our house!  And while I love having everyone there, it was alot of work to get ready for and clean up after everytime!  It felt good to relax at their house and let them be in charge.  I just brought a salad and sat and played with Tyson!  At 9:30 we headed home so Conner and Bailey could get in bed for school on Monday morning!

 Bailey got a Hello Kitty cake!  She is really into Hello Kitty right now, most of her presents had the great Kitty on them.  Anyways, when they went to pick up her cake, she made them add Grandpa to the cake since we were celebrating together!  So cute!

One last picture for the night!  Back in June, we moved Tiffany and Joe into a new house too!  They have they beautiful home, on six acres, which is great for their menagarie of animals.  Sunshine, the cow came to live at our home's pasture, but the rest of the animals were transplanted at the new home.  They have a dozen or so chicks (now mostly grown), a piglet that is growing fast, 2 dogs and this rooster.  This rooster is from their last year's batch of chicks.  They never had the heart to kill him, so they just let him run around.  He has become buddies with the 2 dogs and now thinks he is a dog!  He just wanders around the yard all day, eating bugs and crowing at dawn (usually under Tiffany's window).  Life is good!  I get such a kick out of him, because he has become a master at adaptation!  If he needs to, he can run with the chickens, the cows, the pigs, or even the dogs!  And now he is such a part of their landscape, it would be downright lonely without him!

Have a great day tomorrow on the first day of September!


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