Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Okay, so I know this is boring, but that shows you how boring my life is most of the time! My washer is fixed! I pulled it out today (no small feat since it still had water in it) and when I unhooked the hose some dirt, lint and 2 pennies came out. So I knew there was a clog on the other side of the pump. When Gene got home we tore the back off the machine and he pulled the hose off the other side of the pump. Out popped a coin about the size of a silver dollar that says "Don't quit" on it! Exactly the same size as the opening of the pump! Washer is now getting a work out catching up on our laundry that should have been done Saturday! Had a talk with Chelsea about checking her levi pockets better in the future!

Tomorrow I tackle the apples. I will post my recipe, which is one I got from our Finn Family Cookbook, from Aunt Elaine Finn, my great-aunt. Totally awesome, especially if you like cinnamon! I love old family recipes, they are the best!

Tomorrow is looking up!


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