Sunday, September 30, 2007

Absolutely Nothing!

I have absolutely nothing to say of any redeeming value! I have not been able to come up with anything cute or bubbly or astute! So here I sit, wanting to post but not having anything of value to communicate!

The family is great, Chelsea's drivers ed keeps me hopping. I have been babysitting my granddaughters while my daughter Tiffany works in the potatoes.

Gene went hunting this week, archery. He was hunting elk and bear. Thursday he called me and told me was coming home. He sounded shook up. I worried until he pulled in on Thursday night. Apparently he had an encounter with a grizzly bear sow! He was sitting in his tree stand above his bear bait (black bear) and along came this grizzly sow and 2 cubs. She saw Gene in the tree and woofed at him and charged. He let off a shot with his pistol and she took off running with her cubs! He said he almost had an anxiety attack right then and there!!!!! So he came down, packed up his tree stand and bait and hightailed it out of there! Says he is finding somewhere else to hunt elk! The funny thing is that whenever you talk to Fish and Game they tell you there are not any grizzlies in the Palisades area of Idaho! Yea, right!

So that's our week! Still haven't found the time to scrapbook, still canning like crazy! Hope to be done this week!

And so ends the month of September!!!



Aimeslee said...

Oh my, girl, scrap THAT memory before it fades and becomes not-that-scarey. Cuz that's scarey. Wowzers.

Anonymous said...

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