Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I haven't done well blogging this summer! It is not that there's nothing going on, but that there is too much going on and I get overwhelmed! You ever feel like that? And when I get overwhelmed, I am not good at taking pictures, or scrapbooking, either one! Anyways, I did go to a crop at Express the Moment last Friday, even with a bad cold! I completed one page, and got some stuff for other pages. So I am moving forward. And I had lots of fun.

This last week I read Melody Ross' blog and it appears I am not the only one suffering from this! Click on the link to the side of my page and go read her posts. Maybe we should all make a commitment to overcome!

I was talking to Kim at Express the Moment on Friday, and we decided that the scrapbooking industry is a sort of crisis! They have overwhelmed us all with so much product, that we don't know where to start or what to use first. As a result we are losing sight of the reason most of us scrap, which is a history of us and our families. If you go to the galleries of the big magazines and scrap companies, there are pages that I dare say cost $25 per page! That is not a reality for most of us! And since we cannot achieve the top, we stop! Or we keep buying, thinking that magically some creative fairy will sweep dust on us and suddenly every design team in the nation will be clamoring for our stuff!

So here is my call to arms, ladies! Let's get back to basics! Scrap the memories and don't get so wrapped up in the product! If you see something you love, then buy it! But then be sure and use it, don't tuck it away to be forgotten! I am committing to setting aside time once a week to scrap and I intend on finishing my committment for 100 pages in 2007! Right now I have 42! So I better get to work!

Now, since I don't have any cute pictures to share, I thought I would show you some of the stuff that I bought at Express the Moment on Friday night! It is so cute and I am now ready for those Halloween pictures! The Making Memories Halloween stuff is soooo cool! And the Christmas stuff is really cool too! So go to and look at the new stuff! You will be in love too!

Go and be creative today!


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Aimeslee said...

Here here, Christine! Love your points, ITA! I read your post on 2peas about this, added one of mine, then came over here to check out your blog. Wow, we have a lot in common! I've been an accountant since 1978 and had my own home biz since 1989, but have really been semi-retired for the last 4-5 years due to multiple arthritis problems. Come visit me, and I'll surf by again soon!

Aimeslee xoxo