Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some days.......

Okay, so I am sooooooo slow, but I actually went to a crop last month, Express the Moment's to be exact, and I got some layouts done! I have been in a serious freeze this past year, where I have convinced myself that I will never make perfect, publishworthy layouts and so I don't even try! But slowly, in the past few weeks, I have begun to feel a thaw. Okay, so I will never be a trendsetter, or an award winning designer! The important thing is to record history for my family! So that someday they won't be facing an entire dresser of photos (yes my mom left behind an entire dresser, stuffed) with no idea who, what, when, where, or why! So you will have to put up with my mediocre attempts at our family history because it is important that I get it done!

Here are a couple of entries for 2009! This was Chelsea's senior picture, that she put in her yearbook. I took the pictures for her, in our corn patch. Then she took the one she liked best and played with it in photoshop until she got this black and white photo with the guitar in color! I love it! We make a good team!
Last fall the colors were so awesome! The pictures on the left page are from my yard. We had all kinds of yellows and oranges! Then the right page shows our resident turkey herd, across the dry bed from our place! The warm sun drew them out that day! I have such fun photographing them! They are a hoot! Anyways, I loved this paper and so the page just fell together! I also loved the title of the page and the play on words: this perfect {fall} day! The play is that is can read this {fall} or perfect day! or this perfect day! or this {fall} day or {fall} day, they all fit!

I am also trying to get back to using my food storage in my menu! I kind of get out of the habit and use alot of fast food when we are in tax season. Anyways, last night I made honey mustard porkchops (mix 1 C honey and 3 Tbl mustard, glaze porkchops and bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours) and cornbread (I shared the recipe last year, uses powdered eggs and powdered buttermilk and it is awesome) and the vegetable was frozen carrots I made from our garden last fall! It was all so yummy! So easy too!
Hope you have a productive day!

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lori said...

Hey! I like your layouts! I haven't done any scrapping in forever!