Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh my..........

Bad, bad blogger! I don't have no fun these days! The past 2 weeks have been a blur, but the office is now whipped into shape, the W-2's are done, and we are rollin' doing taxes! This year is going to be interesting with new twists in the EITC rules and the Homebuyer's Credit! Already ran into a problem with that today! Oh well!

My cubscout pack had their pinewood derby last night! It was so much fun! I haven't taken any pics of my car yet, but I will tomorrow, I promise, and then post them! It is pink and says "It's a girl thing" on it! My boys loved it! I had six boys and more parents than I have ever seen there last night! It was awesome! I learned so much and know what I will and won't do next year (if I am still in the job), but the important thing is that the boys loved it and had a blast! Conner and Bailey came too and they had even made cars with their dad. I thought back to how derby's were always so traumatic when my boys were little. I hated them, because we never did well. Matter of fact I used that as a reason why the bishop shouldn't consider me as cubmaster, but he didn't listen! I am glad now, because even though Sister Scott's pink bomb looked great, it came in lastand I was thrilled! I told them I was going for style, not substance! :) Everyone loved the eyelashes on her too!

Tomorrow is the Sabbath. This time of year it truly becomes my day of rest! I love going to church, but I also love my afternoon nap! At 51 it is when I recharge my batteries for the next week!

Here's to restful reflections!


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Controlling My Chaos said...

Hi Christine. Just thought I'd pop over to your corner of the blogosphere and say hi. Thanks for doing my taxes today. I hope you were kidding in this post when you said "if I'm still in this job." Who will do my taxes next year, if not you?