Friday, November 20, 2009

When is November over?

This has been quite a month. Sorry to not post too much. Had my brother in the hospital. Chelsea had an emergency wisdom tooth removal done on Monday, which resulted in the tooth not being pulled after and entire hour and now when she heals we have to go to an oral surgeon. They will probably try again in about 3 months! oh brother!

In between my grandkids had birthdays; Sydney turned 9 on November 4 and Conner turned 7 on November 18! They are all getting so big!

How is your Christmasing coming? I am still in the planning stages, but if you need some cute small gifts, such as homemade hotpads (cute), washclothes (love them) and knitted slippers (simply adorable and warm), all priced under $10, contact me and I will send you pics! I love making these things and my family is tired of getting them for presents! Did I mention I have hair ribbons (corkscrew) and cuddly scarves too? And a couple of awesome granny square afghans (priced to sell at $45)? I am sure I am forgetting something! Anyways, I can mail them to you or you can come to my office in Idaho Falls to see them and buy some!

Hope your holiday spirit is growing!

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