Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay, so a week ago Sunday, the bishop called me in. Always makes me nervous when he does that. My mind ran through all the jobs opening up in our ward, but something told me not to settle on any one yet. Good thing. We made small talk for a minute, then he asked, " so how do you feel about scouting?" then proceeded to tell me they felt I was perfect to be the cubmaster! I just sat there for a minute, then started to laugh! I don't know if the bishop knew how to take that! But you see, my youngest son is 28 years old. Cub scouting was not my favorite thing to do when my boys were that age, but I suffered through and made sure they completed everything. When Kendall turned 11, I celebrated because I would never have to be involved in cub scouting again (especially the pinewood derby). When Chelsea was born later that year, I secretly thanked God that I had a girl and would not have to do cub scouting again! I told the bishop this, then told him I was willing to try, but don't be surprised if they come to him and ask "Get rid of this woman, please!"

I have a suspicion Heavenly Father is really laughing right now!


Christine Dallimore said...

Hey!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me on my blog. It's alway healing to hear other people's stories and how they triumphed! Your blog is just adorable. I love that you have kept recipe cards from your Mother and Grandmother and such. I need to do that, these days recipes are just sent through email. Sooo impersonal!! Good luck on the new calling!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

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